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AbOuT StArTiNg Of My HoStEl LiFe …………………………..

Hello friend’s i m a B.Tech student . I m a 3rd yr student . My name is Er/2 Vaibhav Agrawal i pursuing My with IT branch FRom UPTU (Un Predictable Technical University). I M studing IN Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology ,Ghaziabad . u all know that engg. life is very enjoyable if it mix with some more facts like living in CLG HoStEl . yup I live in CLg HoStEl here I tell u that at what things happend in my hostel life……..

My FIRST Day of my hostel is 28th of Aug.2007 .Because my clg is started by 29th . My father come With me to settle All the things .after some time I mate some seniors of my CLG and took intro and get some RAging but this is enjoyable after that i meet some of my batch mates . my father leave me Around 8 p.m. and then i m quite free to do anything . after some time i mate my room mate name PIYUSH . he is a EC student we mix with other boys & have talk around 11 p.m. then we go to our room with dheeraj who is my branch mate and me along with piyush do some mischiefs for dheeraj and go to sleep around 4 a.m. the other day class pospond for other day than we go to our hostel in my neighbourhood some seniors came and raged us . he goes for play cricket without ball and bat swim without water and and some group sex also done there . after that we all goes to our room than this day most of the senior visit to hostel and raged us but it is quite interesting .Some seniors are ranged me but they are caught by the faculty at library but i lying that they do not raged me After that most of the senior khnow me and can’t take ragging on me . seniors are very help full for every one .at 29th Aug we play a indor Cricket with ball and bat and after an hour we catch by our warden and warn not to play inside the hostel .BY some request he leave us . but we are very bad in that thing and break the rule again by after just a day . but that time they can’t catch us because we r engg.and have a mind full of ideas . I have some very gud friends in my hostel life .

i hope every student have exp. about hostel life….
this gives us some management & by this u can live life independently
it is realy very enjoyable..

Er/2 VaIbHaV AgRaWaL


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