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FriEnDS ArE TrUsTy ForEvEr WhY ???????

Hello friends i am there with another thought which is awaken in my heart ..
So i m sharing this to you plz give response if u like this..
Friends here i give an idea about friendship and what is friends. So please read this quite briefly and attentionly ………….
So here the thought what i have and want to share with you..

Once i had to walk on a rope bridge. It was very high, i was
scared. i saw my frnd on the other side and called him out for help but there was no
reply . i somehow managed and crossed the bridge. der i was shocked to
see my frnd holding the end of the broken bridge…,sometimes we think why
our frnd is quite when we call for help . he may not help you in crossing the bridge but
he might be holding the broken bridge for you … just trust your
friends in every situations, bcoz they are your real asset.

so friends this is the thought so far in my heart ….
THANK YOU!!!!!!!



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